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October 6, 2015

On June 29, 2015, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service (APIS), advised that it will be lifting the 14 year band of the famous fresh beef (chilled & frozen) from the Patagonia Region of Argentina.  U.S. Federal regulations will require that the beef be imported under the same guidelines as Uruguayan beef.  In anticipation of new import authorizations, Pride of the Pampas is brokering the importation of 20,000 tons commencing in December 2015.

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Pride of the Pampas is proud to introduce premium and industrial beef from the finest haciendas and ranches in Argentina.  Our free roaming, grass-fed Angus and Hereford cattle are raised on the Pampas, or plains, that  comprise 780,000 square miles of chemical free grassland.  With over 30 years of Argentinian cattle ranching and sanitary meat processing experience, our international Argentinian trade partnership will offer you the best natural cuts at competitive prices that will bring our premium beef products to your facilities safely and efficiently.   

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Video - US Lifts Ban on Argentinian Beef

As importing agents, Sirius Trading & Logistics LLC operates in strict ompliance with USDA, US Customs, national, and Argentinian requirements regarding the importation, sale, storage, and transportation of our products for the U.S. Market.  This includes complying with region of origin compliance and obtaining Argentinian certifications that the country is free of certain diseases and pesticides.  We operate within the Argentinian government to government agreement whereby their foreign inspection service is qualified to meet USDA standards, and with the approval of USDA and other required certifications. We insure that our Argentinian beef agent conducts post-mortem and ante-mortem inspection services, as well as directly supervise the entire export process in Argentina from carcass selection to the port of embarkation. 

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